Sunday, May 6, 2012

Traveling Band

May is officially here!  May has a fabulous way of bringing sunshine to the world and with the sunshine, those people who play their guitars out in public in their pjs for money.

I think if their father had his way, the children would have been dropped off at the nearest bus stop with their piggy banks and guitars to start earning their keep.  But father doesn't get his way very often, so the kids serenade in the home to their highly amused mother and grandparents instead.  They're paid in compliments, which currently suits them fine, but doesn't pay the bills.  So, if you're looking to hire a brother/sister guitar-playing duo, please let us know.  Their current playlist includes such favorites as, "The ABC's" and "We Will Rock You".

It's been a long time since my last update, but all I seem to remember of the last month is being very tired.  Here are a few highlights of my non-sleeping hours: I planned a big service project, the boys got a haircut, we briefly visited Cincinnati, we officially picked a school for the kids, and my 5K team grew to 16 teammates!  There is a lot coming around the bend--it's 5K week, which I'm looking forward to and next week is Lil' pumpkin's last week of preschool.  Are my wrinkles becoming obvious yet?  :o)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where has the time gone?

And just like that, February was gone!

Friends and family, I have been very blog negligent lately.  Here are some highlights of what you've missed in the past month...

1. My camera broke.  It was my source of blogging inspiration.  And it's bit the bullet.  The camera cost less than the amount it costs to repair it ($150!).  Yikes!

2. Work has been super busy!  When our founder comes to town, it means serious business!  Today Lilla asked why I go to work, and I tried to explain to her the concept of money and things we need.  She understood it once I put it in terms of her new dress.  Working now makes sense to my 4 year old.

3.  We are deep into potty training with Isaac.  He has officially been wearing big boy underwear for the last couple of weeks.  We have been having great success, but it has been sucking major amounts of time, energy, and brain-space.  When your child has the bladder the size of a dime, you have to remember to ask them to go potty a lot!

4. Adam's birthday was this past month and in typical Adam birthday fashion, we celebrated more than once.  We attempted the heart-attack for dinner recipe with great success.  It was delicious, amazing, and just what every 29-year-old man needs for his birthday celebration!

5. Chemo has been kicking my tush.  If I close my eyes for more than 3 seconds, I'm asleep.  But, the good news is, my most recent MRI was stable!!!  My next MRI won't be till after the 5K in Chicago...which brings me to my next point...

6. Why haven't you signed up to join my 5K team yet?  The event is on May 12 in Chicago and my mother-in-law is currently my only teammate rockstar!  Join us, in person or in spirit!  Either way, the cause is great and the weather is definitely not up to me.

I'm looking forward to March bringing a little more calm (?) and hopefully a camera for inspiration!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Team Brain Tumor Mamas and Papas, 2012

Yes, my friends!  It is that time of year once again!

It is that time of the year when I form a team of my nearest and dearest to commit to walking or running (or both, as is the case of the most incredible ones) 3.1 miles in an effort to raise money and awareness for the American Brain Tumor Association.

In 2010, we bundled the babies and battled the chilly weather with our small but mighty force.  We successfully completed the 5k and b-b-qued with the best.

In 2011, we layered the little ones under piles of blankets and our slightly larger, yet mightier force was unstoppable.  We once again mastered the 5K and made a bee-line for the warmth of the indoors to celebrate our success.

In 2012, I'm hoping to work on my tan while leading my HUGE and very mighty team to a successful finish of the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K Run/Walk (formerly known as Path to Progress).  I would love to have as many friends, family, friends of family, and family of friends to join me in Chicago on May 12 to walk or run in this 5K.

I think the tan part may be a little optimistic, but what counts is support from folks who would like to join me in raising awareness and money for this awesome organization.

If you are interested in joining my team, please visit my team page by clicking on this link.  All are welcome!

If you cannot join us, I understand.  However, a financial donation would be appreciated by clicking on THIS link.  If you would prefer to send a check or cash, feel free to mail it to me and I will make sure that all donations arrive safely to the American Brain Tumor Association to support our team.

And if none of the above are possible, please help by sending positive thoughts for good weather, good health, and good post-5K food!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yin and Yang

In every life there are peaks and valleys.

Sometimes, when you are out experiencing the peaks, it is easy to forget about the valleys.

Particularly, when the peaks are so great, it is hard to remember that once you hit the top, all the rest is coming back down.  Yin and Yang.

Now that we are back from our fabulous vacation of visiting friends and family in North Carolina and Florida, hanging out at the beach, and camping (the yang), we have been rediscovering yin.

Another round of chemo, work, cold & snow, everyone got sick, Isaac couldn't sleep.  It has been one thing after another.  An exhausting list taking it's toll on our ability to remember that once you hit the bottom, there is no place to go but up.

Fortunately, I think he have finally reached the bottom of our most recent valley and are enjoying our 3-day weekend, taking steps forward, back up to the peak of the mountain.  Remembering the yins and yangs of this country.  Remembering through words and honoring through actions the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King, and hopefully, gaining another step forward up to the peak of equality.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!  May it bring you...



Time spent with friends...
And family...

And may you ever find new and interesting perspectives on life this year!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's all downhill from here...

My knees are getting creaky and sore...

I get up to go to the kitchen and can't remember what I got up for...

I don't seem to know where I am and when...

My back feels so icky when I try to bend...

Now that I'm 30, life has brought on many changes.  Some more significant than others.  The most important in my mind right now is that I am on round 12 of chemo, meaning that if I go to the full extent (2 years), I am OFFICIALLY halfway there!!  Each new round will bring me one step closer to the end of chemo time!  Yay!  So cheers to being 30 and back pain and creaky knees and everything--especially the chemo--going all downhill from here!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yes, I was completely surprised.

This was initially going to be a post about our trip to Indy last weekend or Thanksgiving or something else random in my life.

Instead, I am going to post my gratitude and amazed incredulity to all the loves in my life who got together to throw me the best 30th birthday surprise party EVER!!!!

Thanks to...

The delightfully merry chefs who worked hard into the wee hours of the night preparing the delicious feast!

Almost my ENTIRE family who came in from out of town to be there and in costume!!!  

My moms--who encouraged Adam in this venture and should have dressed up as saints for all of the hard work they put into the party!

My sister-in-law, Sarah and her partner in crime, James.  Slide-show/Party-planning queen and the Supervisor/Sampling king. 

Harriet Potter aka, Laura, who somehow managed to talk to me about twice a week without once spilling the beans about her super-stealthy plans!  Amazing!  P.S. Her birthday is on Tuesday!

And of course, my amazing family.  Adam, the man to whom the words "planning in advance" mean very little to, who managed to pull off the biggest, most incredible pre-planned surprise costume birthday party for his eternally grateful wife.  And my children, who, like me, were blissfully unaware of the party and patient with Dada as he planned the whole shindig while Mama was at work.

Finally, thanks to ALL of you who came, wanted to come, contributed stories or pictures or quotes or thoughts.  All of you who help remind me to be grateful for being able to wake up every day and get out and live my life!  Life is good!