Monday, November 9, 2009

Gotta have faith, Part 1

One of my readers queried how my faith has influenced my thoughts and actions during the last few months.  Well, this certainly got my cogs a turnin'.  I began to think that others may be interested in reading about this too, so I decided to write about it in my blog.  Today, I'll address how my faith has influenced my actions.

For those of you who aren't aware, my family is Muslim.  However, this does not remove us from any of the issues that a person of any other religion might go through.  The same questions went through my head that would go through anybody else's head, "why me?" or, "why now?".  In my faith, prayer is exceptionally important.  In the last few months, I've found myself praying more frequently than before; which to me, is a no brainer (pun intended).  People certainly pray more when they are going through difficult times.  What I have found though, is that my prayer is more meaningful and focused.

How else has my faith influenced my actions?  I would say that I am trying to spend more time with my family.  Although I spent a lot of time with family before I found out about the tumor, I feel that nothing could be more important now than doing things with and for my family (and friends).  Adam and I have even decided to move closer to family and friends in Ohio in the next calendar year in order to fulfill this act of faith.  As in most religions, an important tenet is to take care of family and those you love.  Therefore, we are making a move to ensure this happens.

Finally, faith has impacted how I take care of my body in the past few months.  We have been working out, eating healthier, and thinking positively in order to take care of our bodies.  In Islam, it is important to have a healthy body in order to worship (praying, fasting, and attending services all require a healthy body).  These have all been great moves for the whole family because we're all feeling better and actually feeling like we are doing something to better our situation.

Sometimes we feel so powerless when tragedy hits us.  But then we look around and see the tools we are given (ability to pray, ability to move to be near supportive family, ability to change old habits) to make things better and we realize that we actually are empowered--we just have to find and use what we are given.

Alright, next post will be about how my faith has influenced my thoughts in the past few months.  Hope you'll be able to make it!  :)

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