Monday, November 16, 2009

A little extra

So, the other day I realized my blog was severely lacking something.  Pictures!  What good is a blog if you can't look at pictures?  I mean.  Don't get me wrong.  I think that what I have to say is important.  But it is not quite so interesting to you, the reader, unless you have a visual to accompany it, right?  So today I'm posting pictures of the cuties in my life.  They are my inspiration, therefore, they get top priority when it comes to getting pictures posted on the blog.


Anyway.  In the future, I hope to post more pictures to keep the crowds coming to the blog.  I foresee myself posting more pics of the kids for sure.  Adam suggested posting pictures of some of the new foods we are cooking up that are high in super foods and low in refined sugars (see pumpkin pancakes above).  Maybe I'll post pictures of my brain or pictures from when I was in the hospital?  We'll see.  I'll also be willing to take special requests.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


LWT said...

Oooo, ooo, ooo... how about pictures of YOU?! Shocking I know. But I really would like to see my friend in some of these fancy shmancy pictures ;)

Sarah said...

I second LWT's comment. You are a wise woman, LWT. I also want to give two thumbs up to that pic of Isaac looking at Adam. It looks like Lilla may have competition when it comes to monster impersonations!