Thursday, November 19, 2009

MRI tomorrow!

I have my first post-surgery MRI tomorrow!  I'm feeling a little anxious about the whole thing.  The first year after surgery is really the most significant when it comes to monitoring a brain tumor.  If all is well in the first year, then we can lighten up the monitoring in the years to come.  If all is not well in the first year, then we know that we have a long hard road ahead of us.

I don't mind the actual MRI process too much.  The worst part is being injected with a dye.  My experience with this in the past has not been the best.  They'll miss the mark and have to stick me numerous times.  Ouch.  I have been lucky with some needle-angels though.  I tell them about my tiny, wiggly veins and they take their time and take it as a personal challenge to find it on the first try.  Some MRI locations will ask you your favorite music selections and will play the music in the room while you are in the MRI tube.  I've been scanned in a different location every time I've had one done, so I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow.

I appreciate all the prayers and good vibes I've been getting.  I will make it a priority to post the results here on the blog tomorrow when we return from the hospital.  Let's hope it's a good one!  Gooooo (away) tumor!

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