Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey everyone!

My 28th birthday is coming up and I just can't believe I'm here already.  My 27th seems like so long ago with all that has happened this past year.  What with having a baby, adopting a camper, insurance drama, and of course being diagnosed with a brain tumor you'd think my life was busy or something.

I can't help but think about the American Cancer Society and the ad campaign they have been running recently.  Have you seen it?  How they are sponsoring more birthdays?  It gets me a little emotional every time I see one of the ads.  I've been reading more about it and I think you should definitely check it out if you get the chance.  Anyway, I for one would not mind having more birthdays.

Okay, it's getting late and I need to go to bed.  Just thought I'd post while there is one of those rare quiet, free moments here at the house.

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