Monday, January 25, 2010

A Blogger's Dream Deferred

My apologies to Langston Hughes...

Anybody who knows me intimately knows about my love of Costco.  Maybe it's genetic?  My parents were Costco members and passed down their membership to me and my brother when they moved.  My grandparents are also happy Costco members.

After about a year of Costco-ing, hubby and I decided to take our Costco relationship to the next level.  We decided that we were ready to take on the Executive Membership.  This involves paying an additional $50 up front and earning 3% back on all purchases.  A risk that pays off if you are loyal Costco fans, such as ourselves.

Our 3% check arrived recently and we have been debating how to spend it.  Groceries?  Diapers?  Boring, boring, boring.  Then suddenly it came to my little blogging mind!  A new camera!  Our camera is...old.  And only takes 20 pictures at a time.  And can't take pictures up close (remember the pictures of my receipts?  Blurry!).  And it is huge and clunky.  Any blogger can write and post pictures.  A GOOD blogger takes delightful pictures that show amazing detail and are nice to look at.  You want to be so immersed in my photos you can just smell the food I cook or feel the exhilaration of scoring with coupons.  I tentatively posed this idea to Adam--and miraculously, he was totally in support of the idea!  We planned our Costco trip for today to begin our camera journey.  Until this morning.

I woke up, went to put on my glasses as usual and the arm of my glasses fell on the floor!  They were completely broken.  After almost 8 years of faithful service, it is time for my glasses to be laid to rest.  So we went to Costco today, as planned.  We took out our hard earned 3% rewards check and bought this blogger a new pair of glasses.

So, faithful readers, what happens to a blogger's dream deferred?  Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Does it fester like a sore and then run?  Does it take awful pictures of receipts or the road?  Or does it explode?


HAYTHEM said...

There's probably some sort of "blogger dream bank" (bdb) that it goes to, and it just get's recycled by someone else. that's probably why your running a 5k, because it was another bloggers dream deferred, and you just happened to get it. Anyway, thought you would have went with a bluray player or PS3 instead of camera, oh well.

HAYTHEM said...

p.s. i didn't even recognize you in the picture, haha, prolly shoulda got the camera instead of the glasses. just sayin