Friday, January 8, 2010

Book Review

I get a sense of excitement when a movie ends and they show all of the behind-the-scenes mistakes and random silliness of the actors and crew.  It's nice to see actors as "normal" people who do stupid things or they mess around with their co-workers just like anyone else.  Well, I just got that same feeling after reading "Another Day in the Frontal Lobe" by Katrina Firlik.  

Katrina Firlik is a neurosurgeon who describes her time as a resident and practicing neurosurgeon.  It is fascinating to learn about the behind-the-scenes of something I actually experienced!  She describes when patients come in to the ER (which I did!) and patients who have brain tumors operated on (which I have!).  Especially cool is that she is a woman in a very male-dominated career who has proven herself successful as a neurosurgeon and a writer.  I recommend this book for anyone looking for a book that will break down knowledge about the brain in an easily readable (and not gross at all) way.  Also if you are just interested in behind-the-scenes stories (or you enjoy ER or Scrubs or Behind the Music) like me, it will totally draw you in.  

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