Monday, January 4, 2010

Brain Tumor Mama, 2010

Hello everyone!

I'm back from vacationing with my family and am ready to get back into the swing of normal life.  Of course this means keeping up with my blog and now training for a 5K to support brain tumor research!  I have so much to share with all of you that I'm brimming with excitement to get it out!  Therefore, I need to focus and list it out!

1. I have some family members who are planning on making the trek to Chicago to participate in the ABTA 5K!  My brother just called and is up to 2 miles now!  I'm so proud of him!  (he said I should hold my pride for when he breaks a 5K record this year....)  So what am I doing to train?  Yikes!  Still working on moving my intensity level from a gentle stroll to a speed walk.

2. I had a great winter break.  We survived the snow and ice, thankfully and made it to Ohio to spend time with my in-laws, my aunt and uncle, my brother, and some good friends.  It was a refreshing reminder of why we want to move back home.

3. I have officially lost over 30 pounds since September 1st!  I'm way excited about this and excited to meet my next goals as well.

4. My sweet baby Isaac is now crawling.  While this is super news, it is also makes me feel a little sad that my baby is growing up and quickly getting into mischief.

Wow!  I've heard the saying that things are "fine in 2009" but all I can say is, "AMEN for 2010!"  :o)

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