Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthdays are a very large piece of cake!

As promised, pictures of the "healthy" birthday cake!  Birthday boy with the finished product:

And now, a close up of the action on the cake.  These are two of Adam's dolls ("action figures").  The one laying down is face down--he's a "bad guy". (side note--if we had a nicer camera, this would not be so fuzzy.  Just sayin')


The birthday boy's slice of cake:

Smiley baby boy and daddy's slice removed:

And finally, a picture of me diving face first into the cake (note the new glasses):

We had a lot of fun taking pictures, playing with the kids, and listening to records on the record player.  But the cake, pardon the expression, took the cake.  


HAYTHEM said...

Cake looks great, looks like a professional cake maker made it, or someone who's at least taken some sort of cake decorating classes, haha. wish I was there for the birthday party. Sounds like instead of a camera you should maybe think of updating that record player. Maybe a nice tapedeck or something. haha. take care.

Kim said...

Looks yummy!!! Hope his birthday was wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cake with my coffee break!
Aunt Nancy