Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Exciting news in the world of 5K!  I have 2 team members (not including my own children) and both have raised money so far!

Congratulations to Haythem and Laura for taking an important first step in making it to a healthier you!  I am your number one fan!  Goooooo Team!

Also, I want to thank everyone who has donated money to this important cause.  We haven't reached our fundraising goal yet, but I feel very optimistic that we will be surpassing it by race day.  I am grateful for all of my well-wishing supporters as well--keep the well-wishes coming!

A little FYI, the $5 discount for the 5K has been extended to mid-February.  If you think you are going to participate, then now is a great time to register!

Finally, one of my number one fans (my brother) would like more people to respond with comments to my posts!  He is concerned that he is the only one reading my blog.  :o)  Love you Haythem!


HAYTHEM said...

did 2.25 miles tue. so hopefully by march will be up to 5k distance. how's the healthy cooking been going. also where's the new glassses at? you made such a fuss about the in the last blog, where they at? echo...echo...echo...echo

Anonymous said...

I check this blog almost daily during the week...I have a short cut on my computer at work. I love it and feel so connected to you. I have not accomplished as much as Haythem, but I will get there! Aunt Nancy