Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow.  November seems so long ago.  Here we are knocking on March's door and anticipating many exciting events!  March Madness.  St. Patrick's Day.  My dad's birthday.  My next MRI.

Yes, my MRI has finally been scheduled!  Now comes the nail-biting, heart-racing time of waiting.  The MRI will be on March 8th, however, I will not meet with my doctor to go over it till March 11th.  I'm hoping for another positive report this visit.  Eventually, one of my MRI visits will not be a positive one and the question will always be--"could this be the one?"

BUT, we are not thinking like that, no sir (or ma'am)!  There have been TWO aspects to improved survival rates of folks diagnosed with brain tumors.  ONE: removing chemicals from your body (chemicals in foods [eating healthier and cleaner], environment, etc.) and TWO: having a positive outlook that is free of stress.

I have been doing well with addressing the first aspect.  Healthy eating and cleaning our environment has been interesting.  But stress and attitude have been getting less attention.  I believe the cause of this inequity is because stress feels (to me) out of my control, whereas food is in my control.

So how do you de-stressify your life?  Any cool rituals or helpful hints out there? Let me know your thoughts.

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Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy said...

de-stress...SO hard to do, but for whatever it's worth here are a couple thing I have done...
Listen to music,
Take baths,
Read more,
People who are toxic to me, I purposely do not spend much time with them,
Exercise...grrr...but always good when I am done,
And perhaps the most important thing...I have given myself permission to be ME. I used to apologize for things (that I didn't need to), and try to like something I didn't like, and not appreciate my skills - and now I am more comfortable with ME.

A great book that really spoke to me about "Being Me" was The Happiness Project.

Your MRI is going to be a positive one - I believe it!!!!!!!!!!!