Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ahhh...sweet bliss.  Finally, a moment to myself to sit quietly and collect my thoughts...and share them with the blogging world!

These moments are so rare, that I really have to savor them when they happen.  The children are on completely different napping schedules, so time to myself is a treat.


Which reminds me of a delicious soup we made recently.  Actually, we've made several delicious soups recently.  A thick lentil, a soothing chicken noodle, and a vegetarian tomato tortilla soup.  We were able to capture the tomato tortilla one on the camera...it was just so pretty.

It was the perfect starter to our mexican food feast!  Based on the ease of cooking and the taste, we give it a 5 star rating.  Picture a chicken-tortilla soup that you would order at a restaurant.  Now take away the chicken.  Add a bit of "very inexpensive--wow it's cheap!" to the mix.  And you get this soup!  Yummy!

Of course, a child is now awake and quiet time is over.  I'll be back soon with more interesting foods and definitely next week with MRI results!  :o)

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