Sunday, March 7, 2010

MRI tomorrow--so excited!

Yes, I have an MRI tomorrow!  It's exciting to go and lie down in a big tube and close my eyes and try to listen to music over the sound of an airplane engine (aka MRI machine) while not moving a muscle for 45 minutes.  Yes, exciting.  

BUT, the excitement is minimal compared to finding out the results on Thursday!  It is quite a big week for me.  However, nothing compares to the excitement of cleaning the house and getting it ready to sell.  Woohoooo!

I will do my best to remember to bring my camera and capture it all on film.  The place where I get my MRI is actually quite check in via computer, there are lockers for your belongings, and there is a room with toys and games for kids.  I guess that's where all of our insurance money is going.  :o)

Gooooooo MRI!

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Kim said...

I'm sending good, positive thoughts! Have a GREAT day and week!