Monday, March 22, 2010

QuatroDos = 42

To many people, 42 is not a very significant number.  It's not typically viewed as the most exciting birthday.  Relatively speaking, 42 dollars isn't all that many.  Unless you're Douglas Adams, famed author, 42 doesn't mean much at all.  The same was true for me...until today.

Now, I'm not saying that 42 is the meaning of life or anything.  BUT it is today's magic number because it is the amount of weight I have lost since Sept. 1st, 2009.  Hooray!!!  I definitely have a way to go yet, but it is reassuring to know that our healthy habits, choices, and actions are making these changes happen.

Also, another reminder--there are only two months left until the American Brain Tumor Association 5K in Chicago.  My kids and I are gearing up for this adventure and we're training as much as possible (when we're not sick).

Want more information on how to join the team or help?  Refer to my previous blog post "Brain Tumor Mamas and Papas" for all you need to know.



kim said...

Woohooie...Congrats! Yeah you!

HAYTHEM said...

GOOD JOB! keep it up

Sarah said...

Congrats, Ayisha! You are an inspiration!!!