Wednesday, March 3, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Oh we have our German saurkraut and our Syrian hummus.  We also have Italian polenta and Polish kielbasa and pierogis.  But somehow, every March we wind up saluting our non-existent Irish heritage.  Although we don't have a drop of Irish blood between the four of us, there is something in me that just gets enjoyment in St. Patrick's Day.  I don't think it is the green because I've gone many a St. Pat's day without wearing the color.  And I'm pretty sure it's not the drinking.  I think it must be the FOOD!

I'm about to do some reminiscing...imagine reminiscing music playing now...

The last two St. Patrick's Day celebrations were marked with the most DELICIOUS corned beef and cabbage.  The beef was so tender and the flavor was vinegar-y and salty and meat-y and potatoes and carrots and cabbage galore!  (pardon my drool)  Did we follow it up with a green milkshake from mcdonald's?  Yes, yes we did.  Was the green shake the most disappointing part of the meal?  Yes, yes it was.

But here we are in 2010.  Trying to eat healthy foods.  Organic beef.  NO milkshakes.  And I have yet to find an organic piece of corned beef anywhere.  So this year, I'm taking on a new challenge.  The healthier St. Patrick's Day dinner!  Will there be green?  Possibly.  Will you, dear reader, be green with envy at the deliciousness of it?  That is yet to be determined.

So hold on to your lucky charms because I'm planning an exciting one on St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

Pistachio Pudding is a great St.Pat's day dessert, if you get sugarless and use low fat milk. It's green and delicious. Or mix 1 pkg pistachio pudding, one can fruit cocktail and 1 small tub low fat coolwhip. Yummy!

Aunt Nancy (on coffee break)

Kim said...

I want to know what you come up with...Yummy, I am sure!

Paul said...

Yup we got our corned beef brisket to cook too. Although Marianne does have some Irish in her, so our household qualifies to go green. Hmmm we where green before green was cool!

Uncle Paul