Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Some people like to plan their weddings when they are hundreds of miles away from the location. Some people like to rub their tummies and pat their heads simultaneously. Some people like to move from one state to another while getting ready for a 5K in neither location. Some people like to do some of this stuff with 2 kids in tow.

I guess we just like it crazy around here.

18 more days till the 5K in Chicago (make sure to sign up/donate/check it out by clicking HERE!!)! 18 more days till moving day--YIKES! 18 more days till my hair turns gray and I finally have that nervous breakdown I keep talking about. Exactly ONE month till my baby turns 1!!! Exactly 2 months till my big girl turns 3!!!!

But like I said, we must like it crazy around here.


persephone said...

But crazy is so much more fun! Stay crazy, but cool. :)

LWT said...

Ummm... is this Isaac demonstrating what crazy looks like? ;)