Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I'll miss

Tomorrow is my last day at our house.  The kids and I leave for the 5K in Chicago at 3:30 in the afternoon and will go straight to our new home in Columbus afterwards.  I am feeling very nostalgic and am finding myself getting misty eyed every time I think about something that I'll miss.

In the 4 years we lived here, we have become so close to so many people and places down here.

We can never forget our first home, the Habitat for Humanity Restore and all of the friends we have made there.  Or the Penguin and all the times we have eaten there.  Or the family, of course.

Or our friends...

Or the WEATHER!!!!!  This is a picture taken in DECEMBER!!!

Or the memories of where our little family started...

I'll miss you dearly, Charlotte...but we'll be back!  I promise!


Laura said...

Awe... I am thinking of you guys. I promise to give you a big hug when you get off of the plane to make you feel better :)

Sarah said...

Charlotte is sweet, but Columbus will be even sweeter--think of the new beginnings! The family closeby...REALLY closeby! A few wonderful things that await you: the cousin time for your children, the constant love and proximal support of their grandparents, the exposure to beautiful music (like the accordion), free and copious babysitting so "getting out" doesnt necessarily mean a trip to Costco, a water fountain, geothermal heat, a visit from Aunt Sarah really soon...And that is just the beginning. Wonderful things are in store for you!