Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Woman's Work"

Today, a person whom I respect greatly (my ObGyn) commented that mowing the lawn is "men's work" and dishes and laundry are "women's work".  Having a great deal of respect for this person, and being moments away from my...ah, check-up, I didn't comment.

But I had been chewing on those words from the moment she said it.  So after dinner tonight, I volunteered to mow the overgrown lawn.  Two things stimulated this desire:

1. The kids were being a little nutty, and watching Adam jump up and mow the lawn while I'm dealing with nutty kids (whose nuttiness I'd just dealt with all day) was not appealing.  

2. The idea that mowing the lawn is "men's work"...Why is it men's work, I wonder.

Well folks, I jumped outside and got right to work.  And let me tell you--mowing the lawn is hard physical work.  But that's all.  I spent the whole time thinking my own thoughts, making my own paths, and checking out the scenery I wanted to look at.  And suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head...this is really easy!

It may seem that "men's work" is for men because it is more difficult and men can handle the more difficult task, however, I beg to differ.  Anyone can mow the lawn...but it takes a really smart, creative, strong person to be a watch children while simultaneously doing dishes and laundry.  To keep them entertained (without TV), to have the patience to allow them to help with the laundry (although it's faster if you do it alone), and to do this day in and day out.  I dare anyone to take a day of "woman's work" and tell me if it is for a weak person.  It takes a tough person to do "woman's work"...It takes a person who can walk and push the equivalent of a double stroller to mow the lawn.


Melissa said...

Just wanted you to know, I love you! Miss you much. When do you move? Might we get to see each other again? I hope so.

Ms. Joanna said...

I'm glad that you mowed your meadow and had a break from the nutters. Sometimes I would prefer laying bricks to working with my 25 3-6 year olds. Life's greatest challenges can come in the smallest packages. If I didn't love a real challenge, I may be working in construction.

Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy said...

LOL - "It takes a person who can walk and push the equivalent of a double stroller to mow the lawn." You crack me up. Grrrr...the the men and woman's work comment...grrr. You, however - Woohoo!

alice said...

Hear hear!!!
I haven't mowed in years, but did so last Saturday, and it was SO PEACEFUL! No one can interrupt you because you can't hear them! It's awesome!

The Blogger said...

Melissa-I miss you and love you too!!! The kids and I are moving on Friday--any chance you can make it here before then? :o)

Joanna-So funny and true!


Alice-THAT is exactly what it was like! Peaceful--even with the sound of the lawnmower in my ears. :o)