Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hohl Family Vacation, Part I

After moving in, we were quickly inundated with even more excitement.  Adam's brother, Aaron and his family came from California to Ohio for a visit and his sister, Sarah came from Seattle.  We then met up with another brother, David and his kids to drive and meet with another brother, Chad and HIS kids to all take an EPIC family vacation to Florida.  

3 RVs
9 Children
6 Children who are 5 and under
9 Adults
Incalculable amounts of cereal, milk, coffee, bread, cheese, lunch meat, BANANAS, apples, and pretzels.

Lilla and Michael traveling in the RV.

The first night, we stopped to visit Aunt Jo on her farm.  The farm was incredible (sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, horses, chickens, gardens, and on and on and on).  She also has a pool, which was welcome in the 90+ degree heat.

After we arrived in Florida, we took a trip to Busch Gardens.  Amusement park meets Zoo meets Water park.  The kids and adults all had a blast.

Thankfully, my uncle Paul lent us his RV and SUV to make living and traveling much easier.  We are all getting along pretty well so far and all the kids have survived thus far--thank goodness!   Keep posted for Part II!


Nancy said...

Wow! Have fun and take as many pictures as you'll want to remember this in years to come.

alice said...

Awesome! Thanks for the pics! What are the kids all doing in that one where they look like they are shushing someone?

The Blogger said...

Alice--as it turns out, the kids just all had their fingers to their mouths at the same time. I think it was just excitement--they were in line to see Grover and Zoe. :o) Hannah took the pic--it was a really well timed shot.