Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've landed

5K (check)
Move to Columbus (check)
Close on the house (check)
Unpack (check)
Settle in (in progress)

Wow!  It's been a wild ride and it's just getting started, amazingly.  The 5K was a success.  We totally rocked it and I am so proud of the team for coming out and kicking tush!

We had a pretty spectacular group and we also were able to exceed our fundraising goal of $400.  We pulled together (with YOUR help) and raised $440!!!  Woohoo!

We also had fun as a group and the kids were great.  As you can see, there were almost more kids than adults!  And some of us just behave like kids.

The move to Columbus was a success.  We are now settling in with the 'rents comfortably.  We have already celebrated two big birthdays!  Isaac and Grandma!

Happy birthday to you!  I can't believe my baby is already 1!  And I can't believe my mother-in-law is only 29!  


Sarah said...

I've been WAITING for a post! I love the photos. Can't wait to see you all in person SOON!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update...I was wondering if you were going to continue after your move. I can't believe your mother-in-law is so old, I would have placed her as much younger, like 25ish ^_^