Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hohl Family Vacation, Part II

The adventure continues!  After our trip to Busch Gardens, we did not slow down one bit!  We of course, attended the beautiful wedding of our lovely cousin, Stephanie.  Here is a picture of our nieces, Tatiana and Nora.  Does Isaac look a little nervous to you? 

After the wedding we took a day out to a park in Florida.  We walked a trail, played on the playground, and had a picnic lunch.  The temp. may have been in the 90's, but we toughed it out.  And hydrated.  A lot.  A picture of the kids climbing at the playground.

Another trip to Busch Gardens followed.  We spent a lot of time checking out the animal exhibits there.  And getting in touch with our inner ape.  I like how Lilla is looking at them in this one.

On our last day in Florida, we went to the aquarium.  Whew!  What a trip!!!!  In the camper on the way to the aquarium:

On the way home, we stopped by the Carter Center in Atlanta and we stopped in Cincinnati to see my mom, sister, and brother.  Although we have been home for a little over a week, this does NOT mean our lives have slowed down.  In fact, I think things have become more hectic than before.  We went to another wedding yesterday (friends from college, John and Erin) and saw so many friends (pictures to come later--again--I know!).  All this is to say, that the blog posts may not come with the frequency that I like.  But I promise, I will try my hardest!


Nancy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for updating your blog. I check it about every other day at work. It gives me something to look forward to. I was getting depressed when it wasn't updated. Love you all!

Nancy said...

And yes, I was at work at 9:45pm on Sunday, July you know why I look forward to your blogs!