Monday, October 11, 2010

Mother Nature to Humans: Chill, maybe

As things are quieting down, we are noticing patterns in our daily life.  Going to the park, playing outside, planning activities for after nap, cooking dinner, reading books, going to bed, and starting it all over again the next day.

Autumn always seems to infuse this sense of calm, as if mother nature is asking us to chill out--just like the weather.  So, we are trying to take a page from mother nature's book and chill.  It can be difficult at times; sometimes we adults don't feel like going to the park or we just want to read the newspaper.  All it takes is a little help from our kids to remind us that we need to simplify and just let go and play in a big pile of sand for awhile.

Lilla helping Isaac:

Of course, it has been really hot the last three days, so what does that mean?  If we were to take a page from mother nature's book now...what should we be doing?  Go to the pool?  What do you think?

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