Monday, October 25, 2010


When I was pregnant with my children, I saw pregnant women everywhere.  Maybe we all liked grocery shopping at the same time (naturally, around 10pm).  Maybe we all enjoyed attending the same events (not too surprising when it's a sale at Babies R Us).  Whatever it was, it seemed as if I had an extra sensitivity to seeing pregnant women.  I think there is opportunity to coin a new word here.  Sensilarity--a sensitivity to finding people and things who are similar to you.  I seem to have developed a sensilarity again.  But this time I have a sensilarity to things with brain tumors.  As you may recall, this has happened to me before.  It has struck again.

Innocent box of chocolate, pecan, caramel turtles:

Hmm...this one looks different:

Turtle with a brain tumor.  Boom.  Sensilarity:

Thank goodness I'm not seeing pregnant turtles because then I'd be really worried.

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Ms. Joanna said...

perhaps it is just wearing a stylish hat. Like a very small top hat.