Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brain Tumor Mama's Busy Month Ahead

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy (almost) December!  Folks, I am so excited about what this month will bring!  Of course, my birthday is coming and I'll be another year older (29 for the first time, I swear).  I have an awesome yoga workshop to attend on my birthday, along with a visit from my mom.  I've got a super-fun girl weekend planned with some of my gal-pals in Chicago.  I have my MRI.  I'm going to have an extended visit with my sister, who will be spending her winter break with me.  She will be joining us on a trip to Evansville to visit my mom-in-law's family.  And of course it's December, which means filling the cold weather with warm baking treats and hot savories in the crock pot.  

Hanann, Isaac, and my mom on Eid
We're still working on healthy eating, so I'm trying to work on items low in fat and refined sugar.  Does anyone have any spectacular recipes that are weather appropriate for this time of year?

Isaac and Lilla in their new winter hats
I'll be experimenting with some ideas, so if you have a winning one, please send it my way.  If you live in the area (or in Chicago), you may be rewarded with some of the delights we cook up.  Happy (almost) December!!

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