Wednesday, December 8, 2010

29 for the first time!

Since having been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, my life has been put into an altered perspective for me.  I, like most people, need to work to appreciate what I have and celebrate every day that I have here.  And when I have the opportunity to celebrate a whole year of life, I make sure to go big.  Really, really big.  

So my cake MAY have weighed almost as much as my 18 month old son.  It may have been the exact opposite of healthy eating.  It may have been able to feed a small nation...or a brain tumor mama with a sweet tooth, or maybe 5 or 6 sweet tooths.  But like I said, being blessed with another year of life is a momentous event and is worthy of some big celebrating, including the once-a-year chocolate cake.  

Fortunately, I have been blessed with folks who help me look out for my health when I'm not feeling the motivation I need (or feeling tempted by chocolate cake and television).  One such person, my fantastic sister-in-law, Sarah made sure that I found the yogi in me this year for the big celebration.

For two hours, I had my chi aligned, focused on healing and love, and did not think once about chocolate cake.  All-in-all, it was fabulous and I was really grateful to have the opportunity to learn some new poses and have some quality quiet time.  Which made for an awesome birthday and definitely makes me look forward to the year to come.

OH!  And one more thing!  My MRI has been rescheduled to December 21st and my follow up with the Doc is on December 22nd.  So, I won't be posting info on it till after those dates.  I will definitely keep the blog updated on any news.


Sarah said...

love love LOVE! You look fabulous (and so does that cake)! Happy Birthday, Ayisha. And here's to many, many more!

Ms. Joanna said...

29 and lookin' fine!

Aunt Nancy said...

I was looking at this at work and all my work friends said they want a piece of the chocolate cake. It's huge!!! Anyway, Happy Birthday again sweetie.

rschermbeck said...

Happy Birthday - looking forward to singing with you next week. This is a sing a long musical right?? Even if it is not there will be humming in our row at least. :o)