Tuesday, December 14, 2010

White Death!

Well, it seems that the white death has finally struck us!  

We knew we couldn't outrun it--we're not that lucky.  But it came suspiciously early this year.  Perhaps it is a reminder to us that we are REALLY here in Ohio and DEFINITELY not in Charlotte anymore.  Ah well, I hope all of our North Carolina friends & family are enjoying their snow-free sunshine!  

Apparently, Isaac wasn't too impressed with the snow either.  I put him down to walk on his own and he slipped after 10 seconds on the ground.  He sat in the snow for a minute and then walked over to me and said, "Up, please".  Lilla on the other hand, would have happily played out there for another hour if we let her.  We had to drag her away from her bucket and cup to take this picture:

I had to get a picture of everyone all bundled up by the picturesque lantern and frozen kiwi plants.  It was mighty cold!  Even my camera was protesting at being out of it's nice warm camera case.

Ahhhh, happy Mama and Isaac: warm, inside, unbundled, and drinking hot chocolate!


alice said...

Hot chocolate. Makes it all worth it.

Aunt Nancy said...

I love the pictures. But Lilla and Isaac can't truely enjoy the snow until they understand the concept of "Snow Day" like thier cousins do. 2 snow days in one week plus Jonathan's birthday in the middle...does it get any better than that?