Monday, January 17, 2011

Chemotherapy, Days 1-3

Alright folks, I'm here.  I'm alive.  And I'm doing surprisingly well.  As you know, we went to the pharmacy to get the chemo (retail price: $2,877 per 5 day supply) and the anti-nausea medicine (retail price: $207 for a 10 day supply) on Friday evening.  We are fortunate to have started this on a 3-day weekend.  The whole family is home to help out--just in case.  We are also fortunate to have health insurance (out of pocket expenses $110).

Ever wonder what chemotherapy looks like?
Day 1, we were all really anxious about what might happen.  I woke up and felt a little queasy.  But let me tell you, morning sickness during pregnancy was so much worse than what I experienced, so it was a plus to know that I could totally deal with that side effect.  I got out of bed and had some breakfast and the queasiness subsided.  We went grocery shopping.  We had lunch.  I took a marathon nap (was it 3 hours long?  I don't even remember!).  I got up, hung out with my family, worked on dinner, we put the kids to bed.  And then I rested and took my 2nd dose.

My two helpers ready for the task at hand!
The second day was very similar--except no nap and swap "house cleaning" for "grocery shopping".  My mom and sister came up to check on me and spoil me with a delicious dinner.  It was pretty great, so far so good, right?

Helpers making silly faces!
Day 3 has been a little more challenging.  The nausea and fatigue have been a little more difficult to handle today.  I'm spending more time resting.  I'm wondering if it's psychosomatic or if I'm actually tired and sick.  Maybe I'm just taking advantage of my wonderful husband who is willing to watch the children while I rest.  We'll see how tired I feel tomorrow when he goes back to work.  Something tells me that this is very real, but I'm delighted by how manageable it has been so far.  I was really worried that I'd be unable to accomplish anything.  And here I am feeling incredibly accomplished: grocery shopping, house cleaning, entertaining relatives, updating blogs.  I think I may have accomplished more than on a typical weekend.  Hooray!


Sarah said...

You can do it, girl! If anyone can, you can. We're fighting for you too, coming at this tumor from all sides!
Love you!

P.S. What was so delicious about what your mom and sister cooked? I need to live vicariously here.

Kim Dettmer said...

Thinking of you and glad to hear that it is going better than expected! Hang in there...keep smiling!

Beverley said...

Hey Ayisha,
I am praying for you and sending you whatever stregnth that will travel via cyberspace! Hope you dont mind Laura sharing your journey with me. Keep the great mindset and the faith! One day closer to finishing chemo!
bev (laura's suite-mate)
elmhurst college

Tirzaahhh said...

Thanks for the blow by blow - wow little lady you are a TROOPER - or maybe WARRIOR is a better word... either way You're kickin this in the but and on your way to being the "Recovered Mama"!