Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's my kind of town.  It's the windy city.  It's all that jazz.  And it also happens to be where my dear friends Becca

and Laura live.

The stage version of White Christmas (one of our mutually favorite movies) was being performed, giving us the perfect opportunity to hang out, go see a show, and experience downtown Chicago.  18 glorious hours without children, husbands, work, or responsibilities.  Something that I haven't had since before 2006.

So I hopped on good ol' Mega Bus and rode the 6 hours to Chicago for a girls weekend.  I met up with Laura and got to have a conversation with her that was not interrupted by my children, her child, or work.  It was really great.  Then we got together with Becca and Bonnie (Laura's mom) and headed to downtown for our meal of German food at the Berghoff restaurant (I had the saurbraten) and an evening of snow...snow...snow...snow...SNOW!

I got exactly one picture in before the show when the camera nazi came running (literally) to tell me to put my camera away.

The show was fun and it actually snowed inside the theatre at the end!  I was amazed!

Another great thing about visiting Chicago is seeing the babies (Julia and Luke).  I had the awesome opportunity to play with Julia on Sunday.  Here she is with her adorable diva face:

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hang out with Luke or give him tons of candy this time, however I've got his number for my next visit.  :o)  All-in-all a great time and definitely needs repeating.

In medical news, I heard from my doctor after the brain tumor board met.  They all agreed that chemo is my next course of action.  I'll be hearing from his nurses this week to set it all up.  I'll definitely keep ya'll posted.

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alice said...

Sounds like a great time in Chi-town! Thanks for sharing! And please do keep us posted.