Friday, January 14, 2011

It's official!

The chemotherapy has landed.  We went to the hospital to pick up some anti-nausea medication and good ol' Temodar.  First dose will be taken tonight in about an hour.

Hoping that it does what it should and doesn't do what it shouldn't.  :o)  Thanks for following my journey!


Sarah said...

I told you I would pray for you. Well, I am working double time. I am setting BOTH my yoga intentions AND my Nia intentions for you. It's kind of like praying to multiple gods at once. You WILL come through this!

Love you.

Marianne said...

Ayisha....we are keeping you in our prayers. love you very much.

Love Uncle Paul, Aunt Marianne

Kim Dettmer said...

Sending you healing, healthy thoughts!!!!!!!

Chris said...

January 15, 2011
Dear Ayisha,
You are a blessing to me!! As I read the comment you made following the recent test results - hoping this diagnosis was way in your future if at all – I was dumbfounded. The journey you walk and share with all of your lucky blog readers is our path to peacefulness together. Your struggle is our struggle. The way you create laughter and joy with your beautiful family is amazing! Posting pictures about healthy birthday cakes (cakes can be “healthy?) and ways to educate the public by participating in stroller-a-thons, and visions of nursing a newborn in a hospital bed, in spite of electrode leads attached to your head tracing brain activity, leave a lasting imprint about a true hero. Your approach to life, voiced in the upbeat blog submissions, is an inspiration to all who are so lucky to be part of your life, near and far! Informing us about this bastard devil creature that insists on invading your brain space, and your fight back - unwilling to let it beat you without accomplishing a purposeful life, finding rays of sunshine amidst the tears, and putting your life in “His” hands to stomp out the fear, makes me want to reach across the universe and hug you. You are never alone as a child of God.
Your effort and time taken to post updates - BRING THEM ON - all the ups and downs and ins and outs – so that we can hold your hand along the journey. God bless you!
Love from Texas,