Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's to the day when Hallmark, Kay, and Esther Price are happiest: Valentine's Day!  Since my daughter is now in school, we have the good fortune to celebrate these holidays with flair.  Therefore, we got out the good ol' cookie cutters and have been making everything into heart shapes!  Cheese, tortillas, and even dumplings (see above) don't stand a chance against our advanced cutter-y skills.

Another holiday of note?  Adam's 28th birthday!  The light of my life celebrated this not-so-momentous, yet still important day with all the panache his 28 year old self could muster.  Above is our family picture, depicting how great we all are at looking at the camera!  Happy birthday, Adam!  

Finally, for those of you keeping track of my 28 day cycles, you will know that I am currently in a chemo cycle.  This one has been both better and worse than the previous cycle.  Worse, because it started off with horrible vomiting and sickness.  Better, because after the vomiting, I've felt a lot more energetic.  I took the kids to story time this morning and am hoping to get my little Valentine to her preschool party tomorrow morning with bells on her toes.  Mornings always seem worse for some reason.  But, we're all making it through alright and feeling mighty grateful that it's not worse (which it could be).

I hope that you all got a chance to check out the American Brain Tumor Association's Path to Progress info that I posted last week.  If not, please check out our team's site at:

Please consider joining the team (Ohio folks--we'll car-pool!), donating (we've already reached 18% of our goal--thanks Aunt Susie, my Goetz family, and Aunt Kelly!!), or just cheering us on as we raise money for a cause that could literally save my life!

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Ms. Joanna said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the coolest heart-cuttin' family in Ohio!