Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Never Ending Birthday

Sometimes love makes you do funny things.  

Take for example, the poor male praying mantis.  Or the poor male scorpion.  These dudes sacrifice their lives to provide nourishment to their mates--all for love.  Well, this month in the name of love I have celebrated Adam's birthday all month long.  I baked the apple of my eye TWO from scratch birthday cakes (pineapple upside down cake and sweet potato cake with maple icing) and made him the dinner of his choice, twice (home made fried chicken and moussaka).  But can you believe we're still celebrating the big 2-8?  His mom, in a stroke of pure brilliance got him tickets to see Trey Anastasio, one of his (and my) favorite performers.  So, last night we put our dancing shoes on and rocked out.  As you can see, we were pretty darn close to the stage.

I'm pretty sure Trey could see me from the stage.  Here is a picture where I think he is looking straight at me.  What do you think?

Ohhh, the things we do for love.  I know you can tell it was a major sacrifice on my part but I'm fortunate, at least I didn't have to eat Adam to prove my love for him.  Whew!


Christina said...

I love sweet potato cake and maple icing... and Trey.... yay!

rschermbeck said...

Were you able to take that picture without anyone yelling at you about photography in the theater?