Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Stuff

Big boy!
Well, there has been some big stuff going on around here!  This week my sweet little boy made a not so sweet poopy in the potty!  Bittersweet emotions are running rampant.  I'm sad that my baby is growing up.  However, I really hate dropping tons of money on diapers and wipes.

More big stuff: my ABTA Path to Progress team (the Brain Tumor Mamas and Papas) are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal!!!  We have reached the 43% mark and I want to thank all of my most recent generous donors: Grandma Leffler, Jill, Lulu, the Ballas, Erin, and Gwen!  You all rock--your donation could be the one to help fund the researcher who finds a way to stop tumor growth.  If anyone else is interested in donating or joining the team, please visit my team page here:

With only 65 days left, we are still one of the top 100 donating teams so far!  Please help keep us there!

Big sisterly love--nothing like sharing
hair bands with little bro
Future big stuff?  Tomorrow I start my 3rd round of chemo and some exciting visitors are coming to visit--my sister-in-law, Sarah and her friend James!

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Sarah said...

Woohoo! Sarah and James friend are on our way! See you soonest!