Friday, March 4, 2011

MRI and Follow-Up

Sometimes a trip to the hospital can feel like a hit on the head.  Both literally and figuratively.  I got an MRI yesterday and saw my doctor today for a follow up.

Anyone who has experienced an MRI may have some idea of the literal hit on the head.  They put your head in a cushioned box, then they smoosh supports around your head so it doesn't move.  They they clamp a metal plate over your face to fully cage your head in.  Then they play the delightful MRI "music" at full volume for your enjoyment for about 45 minutes.

Today was all about the figurative hit on the head.  A long wait and some ambiguity that while understandable, was still difficult to listen to made for some frustration.  According to the doc, all is stable, so that is definitely a relief.  They are going to keep me on a high dosage of chemo and I'll be seeing them again on May 11th for a follow up visit.  My next MRI is on the morning of Mother's Day!  So it's lucky Adam and the kids wake up so early, because I'll need my breakfast in bed before 7:30am that morning.

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