Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!

I know it's been awhile since I posted!  But, I decided to wait until I had something juicy to post about.  And here we are with lots of juicy stuff.  So what is so juicy it had to wait?  Well, the really big news is we went on a safari!!  Juicy, right?

Isaac was partial to the zebras.  In typical Isaac form, he was definitely more interested in eating the zebra than riding it.  Poor zebra.

And then there is Lilla gorilla.  She fit right in with the primates for some unknown reason.  Is it because she likes to climb on the backs of her parents like a monkey?  Or because she likes to groom her brother's hair?  Or maybe because she could recognize some ancient ancestor in this particular gorilla.  :o)  We'll never really know.

Our safari was amazing!  Ideal, in fact.  We didn't even see a single bug, much less get bitten by one.  We had snacks galore at our finger tips.  And the flight back home was a piece of cake.

Aside from our safari, we have been quite busy with other sundry activities.  A visit from Sarah and James...

Finishing up a very challenging round of chemo.  Getting a new job with an organization called After School All Stars.  You know, the usual sundry activities.  :o)

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Sarah said...

OMG! Your son looks just like his father, with a twinge of paternal grandfather in the hair department. Love the pictures, and honored to make your post!