Sunday, May 1, 2011

Did I mention I saw Michelle Obama?

Now that I have a (paying) job, I am afforded certain opportunities.  For example, just the other day, I got convince a young man that eating 8 doughnuts after school is not the best idea he'd had that day.  Some opportunities are greater than others.  Like the time I got to see First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden!  Apparently, now that I have some work-related notoriety (that doughnut story got to the White House fast!), they came to visit.  See, there is Michelle (we're on a first name basis) waving at me!

After my run-in with fame, I had to take a vacation.  I mean, I love the famous folk, but they can really wear you out.  So, I went down to visit my grandparents at the beach.  Not without a stop in Charlotte first.  We saw the Schwarzeneggers, the Lakemans, and the Spaughs + Alyssa.  Picture below of Alyssa, Meredith, Chris, and the kids.  Note the presence of my good friend The Sun.  The Sun was pretty much in every picture taken on vacation--that camera hog!

What is a visit to my grandparents at the beach without a visit to the beach?  It was warm, it was sandy, two of the elements that constitute a good time.  Throw in some family and/or friends and a large body of water and I'm all set.

Who sees an 8-piece pick-up bluegrass jam band at a Hardees?  Umm, me, on vacation!  Of course, blogger is being difficult about the videos right now, but we also have some pictures!  Here are the kids, trying their hand at the washtub base with Jaja.  They really got the knack of it.

Have I been busy?  Yes.  Do I miss posting on my blog?  Definitely.  Hopefully another post to come VERY soon about my Path to Progress...progress.  Be excited!

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Ms. Joanna said...

Was that boy with a doughnut addition just a code word for Adam? Your vacation looks FANTASTIC!