Thursday, June 2, 2011

An evening at the cannery

Adam has always joked about taking the children to work at the "cannery".  He has a slight obsession with the idea.  Perhaps it is because he can't find a full time job.  Or maybe because he did absolutely nothing as a child and is now demanding the reverse of his own offspring.  Who knows?  But what I DO know is when he found out that two of his aunts were opening a cannery, I could practically see the wheels turning in his head to get the kids employed there.

Aunt Susie and Aunt Jean recently held the grand opening for the Glass Rooster Cannery and I can say that we were the first in line to check it out.

Ready for the kids to pick up their aprons and get to work!
 The food at the cannery was incredible.  They offered three different types of homemade soups accompanied by the best bread ever.  The whole place is set at the most beautiful location--Aunt Susie's farm.  Gardens are growing everywhere, a pond provides rock-throwing fun for the kids, and there is art just about everywhere you look.

Can my sunglasses GET any bigger?
 In the end, the kids were offered jobs at the cannery, but Lilla was not quite pleased by the idea.  She and Adam literally and figuratively butted heads and finally, Dada was put back in his place: right around Lilla's little finger.

She won the argument and the hat to boot!
Do you live near Columbus?  Are you interested in the fine art of canning foods in a beautiful setting?  Then you should definitely check out Aunt Jean's and Aunt Susie's Glass Rooster Cannery.  Just tell them that Lilla sent you!


Sarah said...

"Adam did absolutely nothing as a child" is an exaggeration, though. He did once hold a volunteer position helping the needy tourists in Columbus navigate the Santa Maria. The boy has work ethic!

Laura said...

This is so cool! Way to go, Aunts :)

PS. Love the picture of you. So cute!