Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Amazing Trip To Seattle

After years of polite requests, we decided that it was finally time to make a trip out to see Adam's sister, Sarah in Seattle.  By an amazing stroke of luck and good timing, the weather was amazing.  This not only made going outside enjoyable, but also prevented any run-ins with vampires.  Whew!

A sample of some of the awesome things that made our trip awesome: checking out Sculpture Park and Teatro Zinzanni for a dinner date for two.

Going to the beautiful Whidbey Island by ferry for hikes, canoe rides, hot tubbing, and general hob-nobbing.  Staying in this amazing cabin.

Visiting Aunt Sarah's office for the view and picnic breakfast.  Visiting James' bike shop for new bike helmets and a bike adjustment (and hopefully an attitude adjustment about bikes without pedals).  Taking in the Children's Museum.

Father's day dinner out.  Tour of the Seattle Underground.  Visit to Pike Place Market to watch someone THROW a fish!

The Fremont Solstice Parade, eating lunch at Ivars, seeing our good friend, Bill and his lady-friend, Colleen.  Checking out a farmer's market...

Visiting Sarah and James in their natural habitat, drinking lots of coffee, and experiencing one of the most amazing vacations a person could have!  Thanks to everyone who made this was perfect!


Sarah said...

Wow! How did we cram all of that in in one short week?!

Bill said...

Great to see you! Thanks for coming out to visit!