Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prettiest Little Flex Meal This Side of the Mississippi

Working, chemo, 90th birthday party in Evansville, IN, more working.  My days have been super full over the last two weeks.  My tummy has also been super full too.  And not just with the delicious fried chicken that comes with 90th birthday parties, either.  Last week we made the prettiest flex meal I have seen yet.

Caribbean Black Bean Couscous
 This caribbean dish has yummy fresh mango, black beans, couscous, and red peppers.  The lime juice and the mango flavor play off of each other perfectly.  We all agreed that this is one of our favorites.  With all of its colors, it was so beautiful to look at--and fragrant, too!  This was definitely a meal for the senses.

Isaac gives a finger up and a finger sideways 
Lilla gives a strong thumbs up and a smile to go with it
Well, we have reached the end of our 5 week flex plan and are ready for the next step.  We are now going through and picking our favorites to try again with any changes that we thought the recipes needed.  I am 13 pounds down now and have 17 to go!  All my clothes are feeling loose, but I'm trying not to buy anything new until I hit my birthday.  We'll see if I can tolerate the pants-falling-down look until then.

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Aunt Nancy said...

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground...isn't that how the song goes???