Monday, September 5, 2011

Under Pressure

Under Pressure.

MRI coming up on Friday.  Anxious because I've been feeling tingling in my fingers and teeth, reminiscent of past seizures.  Hoping it's just the new anti-seizure medication and nothing more.

Under Pressure.

Watched "It's Kind of a Funny Story" about a kid who checks himself into the psychiatric ward at the hospital.  It was kind of a funny story.  I especially enjoyed this scene:

Under Pressure.


Under Pressure.

It's Freddie Mercury's  birthday.  Wasn't sure how to commemorate it.  So I thought I'd blog about it.  And sing about how I feel under pressure and then do a complete air guitar/air piano version of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury!


Ms. Joanna said...

Just in case you lose the tune:

Tirzaahhh said...

xoxo Aiysha -

Somehow I never really knew all the words to 'Under Pressure'... thank you subtitles - now I"ll make it a point to let Love dare me to change (my) way of caring about ourselves... always a good reminder

good luck on Friday - you'll be in my thoughts!

Sarah said...

Many Seattlelites are thinking of you and wishing the very best MRI outcome ever. We love you!

Aunt Nancy said...

Oh, Mama mia, mama mia...

Hope everything goes well on Friday. Did you see Google yesterday for Freddie Mercury's bday. It was pretty cool.