Sunday, October 16, 2011


It all started with a chair.  First day of art class, 9th grade year.  I'm certain that I sat in it first, she insisted that she had the chair first.  There was a brief moment of indignant attitude.  "Didn't you see my backpack there?"  said Cassie.  "But my notebook was on the desk!"  I would retort.  However, we quickly discovered that it didn't matter who had the chair first, what mattered was how quickly we would become friends.  We both shared a mutual exasperation of our art teacher, yet loved art.  We liked hanging out and doing fun sewing/craft/art projects, writing notes, volunteering, and generally just having fun.  Even though the years brought physical distance, marriage, and children, we still manage to hang out and have fun.  This time with kids....and (mostly) no arguments about chairs.  

Annabelle, doing her best to not look at the camera at COSI.  So cute!

Isaac at COSI, pretty excited about being at COSI.

Cassie and Annabelle (and Brian!) at the water table.

I'm pretty sure she has the fountain of youth in her backyard!  Thanks for visiting, friends!  We can't wait for next time!

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