Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where has the time gone?

And just like that, February was gone!

Friends and family, I have been very blog negligent lately.  Here are some highlights of what you've missed in the past month...

1. My camera broke.  It was my source of blogging inspiration.  And it's bit the bullet.  The camera cost less than the amount it costs to repair it ($150!).  Yikes!

2. Work has been super busy!  When our founder comes to town, it means serious business!  Today Lilla asked why I go to work, and I tried to explain to her the concept of money and things we need.  She understood it once I put it in terms of her new dress.  Working now makes sense to my 4 year old.

3.  We are deep into potty training with Isaac.  He has officially been wearing big boy underwear for the last couple of weeks.  We have been having great success, but it has been sucking major amounts of time, energy, and brain-space.  When your child has the bladder the size of a dime, you have to remember to ask them to go potty a lot!

4. Adam's birthday was this past month and in typical Adam birthday fashion, we celebrated more than once.  We attempted the heart-attack for dinner recipe with great success.  It was delicious, amazing, and just what every 29-year-old man needs for his birthday celebration!

5. Chemo has been kicking my tush.  If I close my eyes for more than 3 seconds, I'm asleep.  But, the good news is, my most recent MRI was stable!!!  My next MRI won't be till after the 5K in Chicago...which brings me to my next point...

6. Why haven't you signed up to join my 5K team yet?  The event is on May 12 in Chicago and my mother-in-law is currently my only teammate rockstar!  Join us, in person or in spirit!  Either way, the cause is great and the weather is definitely not up to me.

I'm looking forward to March bringing a little more calm (?) and hopefully a camera for inspiration!

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