Sunday, May 6, 2012

Traveling Band

May is officially here!  May has a fabulous way of bringing sunshine to the world and with the sunshine, those people who play their guitars out in public in their pjs for money.

I think if their father had his way, the children would have been dropped off at the nearest bus stop with their piggy banks and guitars to start earning their keep.  But father doesn't get his way very often, so the kids serenade in the home to their highly amused mother and grandparents instead.  They're paid in compliments, which currently suits them fine, but doesn't pay the bills.  So, if you're looking to hire a brother/sister guitar-playing duo, please let us know.  Their current playlist includes such favorites as, "The ABC's" and "We Will Rock You".

It's been a long time since my last update, but all I seem to remember of the last month is being very tired.  Here are a few highlights of my non-sleeping hours: I planned a big service project, the boys got a haircut, we briefly visited Cincinnati, we officially picked a school for the kids, and my 5K team grew to 16 teammates!  There is a lot coming around the bend--it's 5K week, which I'm looking forward to and next week is Lil' pumpkin's last week of preschool.  Are my wrinkles becoming obvious yet?  :o)